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About LebanonHotDeals.com

Want to tell you about ourselves and give you a little insight into our business


but we appreciate succinctness as much as the next group buying site, so we'll

try not to overdo it.


Short answer: Here at LebanonHotDeals, we sell coupons. What's a coupon? 


A coupon is so many things. It's your ticket to a charmed life; a life of extravagant 

feasts, hours of pampering, luxurious getaways, and adventure! It's a passport to 

explore your city and share your experiences with friends! It's Lebanon's most 

economical Shopping website and fastest growing E-commerce site.


LebanonHotdeals is dedicated to provide a platform where our consumers can find

best services and products at very reasonable prices .LebanonHotDeals.com is the 

biggest, best, most beautiful group buying site in Lebanon, bursting with deals 

of every shape and size.



Lebanonhotdeals has blossomed in February 1st, into a brilliantly, cohesive 

workplace.  When you enter our world, you'll hear the usual soundtrack of 

keyboards tappity-tap-tapping away and a concerto of ringtones as our salespeople 

seal the deals and reply to our most precious customers. If you stay further more

minutes you'll hear Majdoline shout out "it's still 10, give me a break" or witness 

a chorus of "mmmmmm" as the Mana2ish delivery guy hands out the breakfast in 

the morning


These are some of the little things that make LebanonHotDeals a happy, thriving 

community. Beyond the loveable personalities, each and every one of us is 

passionate about our work. We sell experiences that we would love to try ourselves

every deal is awesome and we don't compromise on that. As you can imagine, this 

makes it pretty easy to feel proud of our work. As the little sale counter jumps to 

10, 20, 60, 100, 500, maybe even 100,000,000,000,000 coupons sold, we're thrilled

to be spreading the good times to every corner in Lebanon  and  helping customers

save time and money.



Our members get the best deals on the Internet handed to them on a silver platter. 

All they have to do is visit our site, and with a click of a button they've got their next 

outing sorted for a fraction of the full price. In fact, we introduce people to their new

favorite hangouts every day! So log on, sign in, and start living it up!

How can we help you?

We work around the clock for you!

Throw a look at our 'Peace of Mind' policy at the bottom of this page

We appreciate your patience whilst we get to your enquiry and will do everything we can to assist you as quickly as possible.

LebanonHotDeals sarl.
Ashrafieh - Sioufi - Facing The Evangelical
School - Kehde Building - 1st Floor

01 4 22 33 4 - 01 426 022

76 15 15 14 - 70 943 934

LebanonHotDeals Peace Of Mind Policy:
  1. if you do not like the service, we will refund the deal, no questions asked
  2. bookings are taken immediately after purchase
  3. we can take care of your reservations just call us on 01 4 22 33 4 - 76 15 15 14