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What is a coupon ?

A coupon is a ticket to ride, eat, drink, watch and enjoy some of the coolest things in and around our beloved city. Every day we feature new hot deals from companies offering super special services exclusively for our members!


I like this Hot Deal, How do I get it?

Just click on the 'Buy ' button and follow the instructions on the screen....its Easy! But get in quick because these hot offers stick around for a strictly limited time and plenty sell out before the timer counts down.


I’m very busy right now; do I have to use my LebanonHotDeals coupon today?

Not at all! LebanonHotDeals’ coupons have an expiration date with plenty of time to use them. Just check out the individual offer for expiry date and Terms & Conditions. If you're flexible you should be fine but always get in quick as the most popular times will usually be booked in fast!


HooRayY! There’s a LebanonHotDeals’ coupon in my account. Now what do I do?

Click on the link and print out the Coupon, or go to your account on LebanonHotDeals, open your coupon and print it out, OR open your e-mail you used in your LebanonHotDeals’ sign-up process, find your coupon and print it out. Any further instructions for redemption/using will be on the coupon itself.


I want to use my LebanonHotDeals’ coupon over two visits – half now and half later. Cool?

Not cool. Unless your coupon states that you get store credit or cash back for any unused coupon credit, the entire coupon must be used in one visit.

What about using my LebanonHotDeals’ coupon with another offer from the same company?

You cannot do that, unless the coupon specifically says you can.

When I click the ‘BUY’ button will I be billed straight away?

No, you will be re-directed to the purchase option page, where you will choose how you want to pay for your coupon. Once you choose the Credit Card option, you’ll have to wait until Audi Bank approves your payment before you can get billed. As for the 2nd option of payment upon delivery, you will get billed once you get handed the coupon by Aramex’s mailman.

Can I buy with confidence?

You sure can!  All payment methods are safe and secured by one of the best companies in Lebanon.

Where’s my coupon?

LebanonHotDeals’ coupons are located in your account once the payment has been approved. To access your coupon, just follow these steps:

  1. Login to the LebaonHotDeals’ Website.

  2. Select 'My Account’ or 'My Gift Card'.

  3. Your coupon purchases will be displayed.

  4. To view and/or print your coupon, click on 'Print'.

Or simply check your e-mail to find your coupon there. 

I’ve followed the steps above to locate my coupon but it’s not in my account. What next?

  1. Try logging in with your other e-mail addresses. You may have more than one account setup.

  2. Check your credit card statement. If there is no charge from LebanonHotDeals, then your purchase may not have been completed successfully.

If you have tried all of the above and still believe you are missing the coupon drop us a line or contact us through LebanonHotDeals’ live online support and one of our operators will help you detect the problem.

I’ve requested a new password but it hasn’t been e-mailed to me!

The auto-response with your new password may have been filtered as spam. Please drop us a line or contact us  through LebanonHotDeals’ live online support and we'll do our best to assist you.

I sign-up but I'm not able to sign-in , what Should I do ?

Make sure you verify your account, by following the link sent to your e-mail that you signed up with. If You're still not able to sign-in then please contact the Live Operator, They will guide you through the sign in process

How can we help you?

We work around the clock for you!

Throw a look at our 'Peace of Mind' policy at the bottom of this page

We appreciate your patience whilst we get to your enquiry and will do everything we can to assist you as quickly as possible.

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LebanonHotDeals Peace Of Mind Policy:
  1. if you do not like the service, we will refund the deal, no questions asked
  2. bookings are taken immediately after purchase
  3. we can take care of your reservations just call us on 01 4 22 33 4 - 76 15 15 14